McAlmont & Mason's Bowie Unplugged

11 January 2024 - 7:00pm

Mc Almont and Mason's Bowei Unpluuged

Jan 11 - Crazy Coqs

Teo shows  - 7pm & 9:15pm

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Just over a decade ago, David McAlmont got a transformative call from Janette Mason who invited him to fill some hefty shoes: Lea DeLaria, Mason’s estimable, long-time collaborator got the “once in a lifetime” call from Hollywood, meaning that Wall to Wall Bowie, the veteran arranger’s labour of Bowie love needed a new vocalist with as deep an affection for the material. McAlmont, a late, but enthusiastic Bowie developer, seized the opportunity at a deeper exploration of the revered, musical constellation. The decision forged a continuing adventure into the Bowie-verse. For the first time in their acclaimed stint since 2013, they perform hitherto uncharted interpretations, with new intimate arrangements for an intimate setting. McAlmont & Mason’s Bowie Unplugged, an eleventh anniversary celebration, lays bare the poetic, chordal mission of the inalienable genius. David McAlmont Vocals • Janette Mason Piano • Tom Mason Bass

Crazy Coqs
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