Film and TV work

Janette has scored several films and her music appears on many adverts and TV programs including Come Dine With Me and Sex and the City.

Bob Hoskins in the Film Ruby Blue


Bob Hoskins in Ruby Blue MEDB Films

Bob Hoskins and Josiane Balasko in Ruby Blueb

Bob Hoskins and Josiane Balasko

Opening sequence to the film Ruby Blue.



She has written and recorded three production music music CDs for Standard Music Library.

Janette Mason Standard Library Album Cover Dabce ExplositionsJanette Mason Standard Library Album cover Kitsch in Sync Janette Mason Standard Library Album cover Kitsch in Sync vol.2


The Calling MEDB Films - Director Jan Dunn • Ruby Blue Medb Film - Director Jan Dunn • Paris Was a Woman Cicada Films - Directors Greta Schiller and Andrea Weiss

Joan Spotty Dog Films - Director Jan Dunn • Mary’s Date Spotty Dog Films - Director Jan Dunn • Thistle Director Siobhan Fogarty


Sex and the City • Drew Carey Show • America’s Next Top Model • Sharon Osbourne Show • The Debt Machine Channel 4

Jonathon Ross – Saturday Zoo Musical Director - Signature Tune  • Antoine De Caunnes – Le Show Musical Director - Signature Tune

This Morning • He’s Having a Baby • Airline • Come Dine with Me • Weddings form Hell


Vanish Carpet Cleaner • Royal Bank of Scotland • Quasar •Save and Prosper


The Debt Machine Channel 4 • The Great Reality Swindle Channel 4 • Women Like Us Channel 4 • Women Like That Channel 4

Women at the Olympics Channel 4


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