Red Alert - 12" Vinyl

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Release date Dec 13 2019

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Red Alert - Contemporary Jazz with a groove.

"Her latest destined to add to her reputation as one of our leading jazz lights."

Keith Ames & Tom Short – The Musician Spring 2018

Janette’s unique contemporary jazz compositions, drawing on her wide-ranging influences (from Dave Brubeck to David Bowie and Herbie Hancock to Goldfrapp), combine interesting timescapes and strong grooves with a cinematic texture and are underpinned by a mature and inventive jazz vocabulary. Her vision is brought to life by the explosive combination of Jack Pollitt on drums and Tom Mason on Bass and is a direct musical response to the political and social challenges now facing us all – hence the name Red Alert.

Janette’s powerful and rhythmic approach to the piano is subtly fused with the keyboards to create a musical journey that is as engaging as it is thought provoking.

Side 1

1. Pent Up

2. Skating On Thin Ice
3. Evil Of All Roots
4. Bridge 2 - Westminster
5. SiSi


Side 2

1. Red Alert
2. Bridge 1
3. The Yearning 

4. Altered reality

5.  I See Seven


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