Wild Is The Wind featuring Sam Obernik








 Wild Is The Wind featuring Sam Obernik - 2.4.2021 

Wild Is The Wind is the latest single from Janette Mason’s Wall To Wall Bowie EP. Although not a Bowie original composition, it was recorded for his 1976 album Station To Station and it has become synonymous with him.

Janette Mason, whose credits include Oasis, Seal, k.d.Lang, Robert Wyatt has teamed up with dance music Diva Sam Obernik (Tim Deluxe) for this his unique rendition.


Set against a velvety back drop of piano, acoustic bass and drums, Sam’s emotional vocals shimmer and soar across the top. Interspersed with Graham Pike’s lush harmonica counterpoint this classic ballad is a brilliant addition to the existing canon.




The Jean Genie, featuring David McAlmont (McAlmont and Butler) and Sam Obernik, is the second of four singles to be released from Janette Mason’s EP Wall To Wall Bowie, celebrating the music of David Bowie.


Nearly fifty years on from the original recording this iconic song has been re-invented to great effect by innovative pianist, composer and producer Janette Mason.

Janette’s surprising and inventive approach, with a slowed down funk groove, heavy guitar/bass riff and jazz inflected Fender Rhodes takes the song in a whole new direction.

David McAlmont, Janette’s long-term collaborator, inflects the lyrics with a rhythm akin to a 60s beat poet whilst Sam Obernik‘s unique voice delivers a powerful punch to the chorus. 

This is Bowie as you’ve never  heard it before.



Janette is currently keyboard player for Bowie producer Tony Visconti's and ex-Spiders drummer Woody Woomansey's Ziggy era act HOLY HOLY.

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